Rejecting Engineering Candidates With Respect

At TableHero, we have an unrealistically high hiring bar, especially when it comes to engineering and design. We've had to respectfully say no to folks from Google, Trilogy, FlipKart, Cleartrip to name a few. Most won't make it past our phone screens, and for those that do, virtually none get through our onsite technical screens. But we realize that folks who express a deep interest in working with us are investing a lot of their valuable time in the pursuit. And time is an asset we understand the importance of.

That's why when we have to say no to candidates, we want to take the time to not only tell you exactly why, but what we think you can do to enhance your skills and improve your candidacy with us. It's the absolute least we can do to respect the time you spend with us.

Here is an example of the type of email we send to candidates (names blacked out to respect privacy). It's not that hard to do:

  • Don't beat around the bush - hit them with the results right away, but be nice
  • Tell them what they do well
  • Tell them what they can improve
  • Most importantly, tell them how they can make those improvements

Many of you may feel that this doesn't scale, and I get that. I am also certain you can find the time to figure it out (less tweeting about your trials, tribulations and triumphs and more of this, perhaps?). When you do, feel free to use this template. Be humble that people want to work with you.