An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President: I will begin this letter to you as I will end it: by telling you, in my humblest voice, thank you for your »

Admit It...We All Have Help

Over the course of my years doing all this startup stuff, I've been fortunate to have gotten exposure to a very wide spectrum of startups and »

Your Next Gig

More recently, I've been spending time in pretty deep conversations with good friends about how they should think about their next gig. In almost every one »

Rejecting Engineering Candidates With Respect

At TableHero, we have an unrealistically high hiring bar, especially when it comes to engineering and design. We've had to respectfully say no to folks from »

Why Shitty Products Survive (and Thrive!)

You're a startup founder who has recently decided to jump into crowded waters. And few would doubt your capabilities: this is not your first dance, and »