A Digital Servant in the Age of Trump

Dear Mr. President: As with most of my peers in the United States Digital Service, my time here thus far has been an unexpected detour in »

Books, Videos and Long(ish) Reads

Since I've largely been off social networks, I wanted to share here some of my recent content consumption. I've listed some books I'm currently lost in »

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President: I will begin this letter to you as I will end it: by telling you, in my humblest voice, thank you for your »

Admit It...We All Have Help

Over the course of my years doing all this startup stuff, I've been fortunate to have gotten exposure to a very wide spectrum of startups and »

Your Next Gig

More recently, I've been spending time in pretty deep conversations with good friends about how they should think about their next gig. In almost every one »